Study Useful Painting Tips - Is Art Something To Be Loved?

Art presents itself in a variety of shapes and forms today – to me it is always interesting and gratifying to appreciate other peoples art. You don´t necessarily have to enjoy it personally to accept the hard work that has gone into it and the thought behind it.

As a contemporary artists myself – I find it gives you freedom to express your inner workings.

If I had a bad day it most likely reflects in my paintings appearing more dramatic. On the other hand I also find it calming to paint seasoned skies.

Art is a very personal thing, what appeals to one person, others despise - the appeal is in the eye of the beholder. As a contemporary painter I find that these days there so many things classified as art which makes it more satisfying. As an instance take spray painting, some people do this but also use stencils. Myself I often really admire some of the spray gun graffiti scene. Very smart youngsters do some amazing creations. Although many people would view this as vandalism.

Just look at pavement artists sketching out their pictures in chalk. This surely is a talent, but one that many passers by can enjoy but yields the artist very little money. Many of us have been to Paris and the “Montmartre” area where the artists set their easels on the pavements doing quick caricatures much to everyone’s amazement and amusement.

More unusual maybe are sand sculptures which feature in the Canary Islands and I am sure other places. They range from biblical scenes to dragons with real fire breathing out of there nostrils.

Mosaics too are most interesting and colourful as these designs can be used on plant pots, walls, gardens etc. and in oh so many ways.

Posters - somebody has to design them so they are thought provoking and catch the eye.

This is a great challenge for children too, who are encouraged to do posters for any number of things from road safety to recycling the environment. I love to see what sense can be made of driftwood collected along the beach. I imagine a special type of person is needed to do this with a very good imagination and creativity.

On this theme also fantastic paper weights can be made from nice pebbles once they are cleaned, painted and varnished. It is also fun searching for the pebbles in different shapes and feeling how smooth they are when you run your fingers over them.

Designing and making your own cards not only brings enjoyment to many, but also brings individuality to the recipient.

Papermache is another form of art I have never tried, but I really like the results that people manage to achieve. Decoupage in this day and age seems to be greatly popular, along with scrapbooking, felting, patch working and needlepoint.

There are so many forms of art there surely ought to be something to suit everyone. Help is at hand as there are many workshops running in many crafts stores as well as local schools. Art brings happiness to many people, creating it or enjoying the art of others – it also relaxes you and can make you a host of new friends, so enjoy !…

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