Easy Ways of Creating Artwork

So lets say you are like most people who want to decorate their home and have it look nice, but you don’t have the time and the money to go shopping at art auctions to bid on large abstract art or to buy oil paintings, but you still want to decorate your house and to do it in a personalized way that says you put more thought into it than just buying someone else’s work that you may or may not understand as a work of art. One thing you can do that will both make your home look pretty, your friends impressed, and leave you with a feeling of pride in the way your house looks and in your hard work is to create your own artwork for the inside of your home.

Don’t worry because there is a technical side to art that allows for it to be picked up by nearly anyone if they put the time and effort into it. Granted there is some level of ambiguity and mystery in each individual person’s creative process, but that is what will make your artwork so unique. The first thing you will want to do is to reach a decision on what you want your artwork to say, that is, do you want it to make a political statement, do you want it to symbolize a situation or an idea, do you want it to talk about some emotion, do you want it to tell a story, and in this you can decide if you want the painting to be about the process that you used to create the painting, or it could be about the finished product and the final effect the painting has on the viewer. Decide what medium you want to use and remember rthat there are connotations to each medium. Drawing will become an important asset no matter what media you are working with as it will allow you to sketch out your possible ideas for a project and to review various different ideas next to one another without making your head hurt too much from the effort, and when you draw, if you are trying for realism, then you will want to make sure to measure and compare ratios of the way things look as you see them so your subject is proportional.

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